Hello everyone! You asked and we listened. Finals Favorites have officially arrived in the Orleans Room. We came up with a menu filled with your suggestions during finals.

Sunday night was our traditional Mass and Pancakes night, but tonight (Monday) is Chicken Blowout night with wings and chicken strips. Then, we will have Taco Tuesday with tacos and burritos for dinner. Wednesday night we will be having carnival goodies. Be on the look out for corn dogs, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and the always popular smiley fries. Thursday night is our final night to serve everyone, so we decided to have a Mexican night with nachos and quesadillas.

That is our Finals Favorites dinner menu, but for breakfast and lunch we will be serving several “brain food” items to help everyone survive finals. Some of the featured items are: an almond, walnut and dark chocolate mix; fresh blueberries, strawberries and kiwis; sliced avocado at the deli station; and smoked salmon on whole wheat toast with capers, egg and red onions.

Everyone here in Dining Services and myself wish everyone good luck on exams and hope that you enjoy our Finals Favorites and Brain Food for the next week.


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