Dear Ben and company,

I just wanted to say that this weekend, your menu was fantastic this weekend.  I super enjoyed having chicken nuggets for three meals in a row.  Definitely made not being at Voodoo worthwhile.  Also the smiley fries are perfect so please don’t stop.  Eating smiles just make you more happy, you know?

Thanks a million,

Dear Chicken Nugget Connoisseur,

Thank you for checking out the Orleans Room this weekend. We had a delight serving you. You love chicken nuggets? I guess we’ll have to keep‘em coming! We’ll make sure to add them and the smiley fries to the Finals Favorites Menu as well!

Look forward to hearing from you a trillion more times,
The Hungry Wolf

Dear Ben,

Suggestions —
Garlic Bread.
Smiley Fries.
Thank you.
I love you.


Dear Food Appreciator,

We hear you.
Chicken nuggets and smiley fries seem to be in high demand. We’ve actually served smiley fries this whole week.

I see you like garlic bread… We’ll let our staff know so that we can add it to the menu in the upcoming weeks. Don’t forget you can check the menu online as well. 

Sending much love back to you,
The Hungry Wolf

Hi Ben,

Is the food on campus kosh?? This is v important to me.

Thank u

Dear Kosher Advocate,

We do have plenty of vegetarian and even gluten free options that would work well with any of your Kosher needs! Actually, did you know your Hungry Wolf keeps Kosher too? I find it very easy to navigate the Orleans Room!

Thank you for your question,
The Hungry Wolf
P.S. You are V important to us.

Dear Ben Sodexo,

I really appreciate that today, the breakfast potatoes are serve yourself. Sometimes you just want a lot of potatoes and the amount they serve you isn’t enough.

Thanks Sodexo!

P.S Also loving the smile fries!

Dear Potato Feen,

Good to hear from you again. First about the smiley fries and now the breakfast potatoes! Here at Sodexo, we take our potato options very seriously. If there is ever a server instead of serve yourself, feel free to ask for more potatoes (I always do!), and the server will be happy to give you more. Our awesome workers don’t bite! You do though, into some delicious potatoes!

Take care and looking forward to your next email,

The Hungry Wolf
P.S. We’ll keep’em coming ;)


For any questions, concerns, or suggestions to the dining services at Loyola — Email and end up on The Hungry Wolf’s Blog!


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