My internship as a Sodexo management and marketing intern has been a rewarding experience. My first day on the job I was able to apply what I had already learned in my business classes to the real world. I began working on a project to compare and analyze university dining plan options across the United States.  I learned a lot about all the great opportunities students have on campus in comparison to other campuses. This is a simple example of how my internship has allowed me to use the skills I have learned in the college of business and apply it to the real world.

As a Sodexo Management and Marketing Intern I have:

  • Heard students voice their concerns through LUDAB (Loyola University Dining Advisory Board)
  • Feed hundreds of homeless people through Sodexo’s Stop Hunger program
  • Conduct Bi-Weekly surveys so Loyola students can voice their opinions about Retail dining and the Orleans Room on campus
  • Achieved past year goals of conducting 500 IPSOS surveys that evaluate all aspects of campus dining and efficiency through the perspective of students

On of my favorite parts of being an intern for Sodexo is the work environment and versatility.  In Daniella’s dimly lit marketing office surrounded by Jesus wearing a football helmet and a large cutout hotdog. Working with my wonderful coworkers and peers Fallon Chiasson and Ben Weil, whom I also had the pleasure of working with this summer just increases our effectiveness as a team and provides for excellent organizational behavior. The versatility of being able to combine my involvement on campus and my internship is something that I value. A great example of how our team’s works is within 24 hours of students requesting mozzarella sticks, we were able to plan their introduction on campus at the OBC Grill though Monday Mozzarella sticks!

My internship has allowed me to apply what I’m learning in the classroom, continue to work with a highly productive and innovative team, and make differences to enhance the quality of student life on campus, and for that I am thankful and wouldn’t give it up for the world.


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