Hi again Ben,

I feel like we are good friends since I’ve emailed you so much.

I just wanted to thank you and the Sodexo team for Friendsgiving. I really appreciate that you had ham as well as turkey. I love ham.

Your good friend,


Dear Good Friend,

Very happy to hear again from our valued customer. We’d like to thank you for coming out to our Friendsgiving event! We’ll continue to supply the ham as much as possible.

Always at your service,

The Hungry Wolf 

Dear Ben, 

Often when I get breakfast and don’t have time for an omelette (they’re amazing and so is Mr Lloyd) I get eggs and they always taste funny? Normally I put cheese on them from the omelette station to make them taste decent…

I wish there was a way to have real eggs without the egg shells. And that the coffee was stronger/better tasting – is there any way we can have Starbucks coffee…?

But I really love that we can make toast now!!!! It’s the best. And the morning staff is always especially wonderful. 

Lots of love,

The Breakfast Club

Dear The Breakfast Club,

I definitely invite you to come to our monthly “LUDAB” meetings (Loyola University Dining Advisory Board)! It is a luncheon hosted by Sodexo that is open to all students where we get the opportunity to hear all of your concerns. Share some feedback on the Orleans Room and retail dining, eat some good food, and receive ten wolfbucks just for coming! This would be a great place to bring up your egg questions. But, did you know … as part of Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow plan, we are committed to serving cage free eggs (both shell & liquid). So all of the eggs you have in the OR are real.

Second, we will make sure to always keep our coffee fresh and restocked in the Orleans Room. Fun fact – not only is our coffee is freshly brewed New Orleans PJ’s coffee, but it’s made just for us. Be sure to use your wolfbucks at Starbucks if your looking for a fun variety to fill that coffee need!

Finally, thank you so much for trying out the new toast option! Happy to hear that it is a hit!


The Hungry Wolf

Hey, Ben, is there anything we can do as students to show our appreciation for Sodexo employees? One of my friends suggested that we cook for them — is that feasible? Could we have once a week student submitted recipes…? Can Sodexo do cooking classes…..????


Please Involve Us More

Also….Sodexo employees are all great, but especially Mrs Ranjani who is the absolute sweetest person ever in the whole world

Dear Happy Helper,

We so appreciate your passion and thankfulness towards our employees! Here are a couple of cool things:

We are starting a Food Recovery program in the coming weeks where students can join and come in a couple days of the week at closing time for the Orleans Room, and help the Sodexo workers package up the left over food. The next day, Mission and Ministry will come pick it up and deliver it to the greater New Orleans community in need! Not only would you be helping out our wonderful Sodexo employees clean up after a long day, but also you’d be helping the amazing city that we live in! This is one great way that students can show their appreciation and give back.

We love to receive student recipes and take them into consideration every time we plan our menus! Any student is welcome to submit a recipe, and we would even feature them in the OR. To submit, a student can always email me, The Hungry Wolf! Another way to submit is to hit the feedback button on our blog and it goes to straight to us! We’ll be sure to respond quickly and make sure you are pleased.

We have done several cooking demos in Cabra over the recent past semesters! We love to do them, and have gotten great responses from the students. If you live in any of the other resident halls, such as Buddig or Carrollton and would like to see a cooking demo in your hall, please reach out to us or talk to your CD or RA! We will happily do a variety of cooking demos to fit any event (floor meeting, etc.).

Thank you for your continued interest in the dining services!


The Hungry Wolf

P.S. We definitely love Mrs. Ranjani too. She’s one of the best in the world.

Dear Ben Sodexo,

Thanks for the delicious cupcakes!


Your friend Katie

Dear My Friend Katie,

We don’t mess around with our Sodexo Just Because Give Aways. Definitely reach out and tell us any treats you would like us to give out in the future! Don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts too! Find us @LoynoDining!

Take Care,

The Hungry Wolf

Dear Ben, 

Today we had peaches and pineapples at lunch. It was great! I always really enjoy days when there’s a good fruit selection. 

Dear Fruit Enthusiast,

When it’s the right season, we like to get a variety of fresh fruits for our students! Be sure to also stop by the Farmer’s Market on campus on Tuesday – January 24th, and once every month. There will be an even greater selection for you to choose from.

May the Fruit be with you,

The Hungry Wolf

Dear Ben Sodexo,

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. [Chicken] Nug[get]s. Thanks man I really appreciate it.



Dear [Chicken] Nug[get] Lover,

Chicken nuggets are truly the best. As a wolf, I eat nuggets quite often. Very happy another one of my pack is enjoying the chicken. Any flavors you would like? or different types of nuggets? Send me another email and let’s get to work!

Nugget Lovers Forever,

The Hungry Wolf

P.S. Have you ever gone to the salad bar and used the honey mustard dressing as dipping sauce? Yummmmm!

P.P.S. Fun fact. I’m from Colorado, which hosts the basketball team the Denver Nuggets. They might be able to relate to our excitement.


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