The days are getting hotter, finals are near and the eagerness to get out of school is hitting. The Loyola University summer dining hours will be going up soon—be on the lookout! The school year is almost over, and so is my Sodexo Marketing Internship.

I applied in July expecting to increase my social media posting techniques, create flyers on Photoshop and write press releases. What I have gotten from the internship is more than I could have asked for (really, I didn’t know what some of these things were back in July!).

Since beginning in August I have:

  • Uncovered that my favorite part of public relations is researching
  • Discovered that Pinterest is my favorite idea generating tool
  • Learned how to change my voice between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs and press releases
  • Communicate efficiently and effectively through email and in front of a group (thanks, LUDAB)
  • Enhanced my photography skills, especially photography of moving people and objects
  • Learned how to create and maintain professional relationships
  • How much effort goes into one meal period in the Orleans Room—in everything from Ms. Genie’s salads to Mr. Steve’s desserts to the sanitary staff cleaning our dishes in the most environmentally friendly way.

The good in this goodbye is the experience. I will never forget what I have learned here at Sodexo. Sure, it is going on the top of my resume; but the foundational skills—rereading emails before pressing send, always tagging the location on pictures and always double checking that I am posting without errors from the right account—are so ingrained in my mindset now that I will never forget.

Everyone I have encountered here at Sodexo deserves thanks: to all of the culinary staff for never forgetting to say hi; to the managers for including me in on decision making; to the other interns nationwide for the stimulating conversations on the intern conference calls; to the sanitation staff for doing their duties with pride. Above all, thank you, Daniella Alvarez, my supervisor, for giving me the best life advice on school, other internships, future jobs and growing up into an authentic and passionate businesswoman.

I highly recommend this internship to any mass communication major focusing in public relations or advertising. This internship is real world experience in a friendly atmosphere. Be on the lookout for the application!

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