As students are heading into finals and the school year comes to an end, it is heartwarming to look back and think about all that we’ve accomplished. As a student intern here at Sodexo, I watched as the community’s voices were heard, and positive changes were made to improve the lives of the student body. From bringing mozzarella sticks back to campus, to the rise in fresh veggies and fruits in the OR, to the various different fun events we held such as Waffle Wednesdays, Elite Dinners, and Intern Cook-Off, its been a productive year. I am proud to say that, even in the smallest ways, I was a part of it. It only feels right that as my time at Sodexo ends, and I move into my next position on campus, the meme-worthy cereal logos I made for the cereal bar were finally replaced by the ones from the real companies.

To everyone I’ve met and bonded with during my time here – Thank you. It will be an experience I won’t soon forget. To Daniella, my awesome boss, can’t wait to continue to work with you during my senior year, and talk about how great Timeflies is, and what sounds good to eat. As a final goodbye, here is a compilation of all the videos I have shot, edited, and promoted for Sodexo (watch as my skills progress from day one till now) –

Buddha Bowl (click picture to watch video) – Sep 14, 2016


Smoothie Bar (click picture to watch video) – Oct 5, 2016


Waffle Wednesdays (click picture to watch video) – Nov 30, 2016


Burgers (click picture to watch video) – Jan 27, 2017

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