As the semester ends so does my internship with Sodexo. I get blamed or praised for the ups and downs of the OR from my friends and teammates, but through all the fun and jokes I know that I have played a part in the upcoming of the OR. Through all the student feedback I could possibly gather, the surveys, and keeping my eyes and ears on the ground always, I have seen students grow happier with their campus dining experience. From survey monkey to cheese day, I have learned so much in this internship, different aspects of management and marketing.

Lettuce look back on this semester and be grapeful for it. I loved being able to provide Loyola students with an amazing dining experience with swipe plus events, movie nights in the OR, Sodexo just because, LUDAB, food puns, social media presence, and farmers market! Sodexo is an amazing group of people who want to make your dining experience better, so donut worry just because my amazing cointerns (and Fallon) are off, doesn’t mean that our boss Daniella won’t keep decorating the OR with her unhealthy addiction to large cardboard cutouts or taller-than-the-doorway rabbits hiding eggs around campus. Finally make sure to follow @LoynoDining on all social media platforms so you can Ketchup on all the amazing things that Sodexo does for us!

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