For the past several semesters, the Office of Residential Life has hosted a book drive to encourage students to donate some of their used textbooks. Students are first encouraged to sell their books back to the bookstore, but books that cannot be sold are then donated. Working with Better World Books, Loyola University students have raised money for global literacy programs, kept unnecessary waste out of the landfills, and saved the resources (trees, water, electricity) it takes to create new books.

Beginning in the spring of 2010, Loyola University students will now be donating their used books to a more local cause, Haiti. Loyola University has partnered with Better World Books and Plan USA, one of the largest organizations bringing aid to Haiti. Plan USA aims to help rebuild the country, its schools, and provide teacher training and scholarships to its citizens. All of the books collected by Loyola students will in some way help our closet neighbors, brother, and sister. Books that are in good enough condition are sold online, where proceeds go to Plan USA. Books that are in worse condition, but still usable, are donated to Plan USA for use in Haitian schools. Finally, those books that are unfortunately beyond use are recycled, which plays a large role in helping the environment.

To date, our students have donated almost 1000 pounds of books, which saved the waste of 7000 gallons of water, 925 pounds of greenhouse gases, over 2000 kilowatts of electricity, and have kept 12 trees from being cut down unnecessarily.

One Response to Spring Book Drive

  1. Dave Wilson says:

    We held a book drive at the end of 2010 and we still have 4 pallets of books that are ready to go somewhere. We would love to donate to your Haiti Book drive, however we have no method of transport to get them there. We are located in Hamilton, ON, Canada. Please let me know if you are interested.