Social justice careers offer lawyers the invaluable opportunity to aid and serve indigent communities. To promote participation in this field, the Gillis Long Poverty Law Center will use “Lawyers for Others” to allow students and alumni access to the latest public service fellowships, summer internships, and post-graduate career opportunities.

Example of Career Opportunity:

The U.S. Pretrial Services Office for the Eastern District of Missouri: Chief Pretrial Services Officer

The United States Pretrial Services Office for the Eastern District of Missouri is seeking a Chief Pretrial Services Officer. The Chief Pretrial Services Officer administers and manages Federal pretrial services within the judicial district of appointment. The Chief leads and directs the administrative and operational activities of the pretrial services office to ensure expeditious handling of investigative work and effective supervision of persons on pretrial release. This position reports directly to the Chief U.S. District Judge.

Davida Finger, Associate Clinical Professor, offers public service career advising from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. on Fridays. We hope these new resources encourage students to consider a career in public service!

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