Created in 2002, Workers Defense Project is a statewide membership-based workers rights organization that builds power for construction workers in Texas. Its mission – to empower low-income workers to achieve fair employment through education, direct services, organizing, and strategic partnerships – is accomplished through a network of dedicated staff, volunteers, and members.

The Dallas Staff Attorney will directly represent low-wage workers in employment claims such as wage theft, injury, and discrimination cases as part of the Employment and Legal Services Department. The Staff Attorney will oversee legal support staff and volunteers. WDP uses a wide range of legal, administrative, and community-based tactics to assist low-wage workers with recovering their wages or seeking redress for legal violations on the worksite. WDP employs a unique model of casework that incorporates worker empowerment through legal advocacy and engages worker clients in organizational campaigns to win safe and dignified working conditions and fair pay for workers in Texas.

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