The National Lawyers Guild: We are a progressive bar association of lawyers, legal workers, and law students dedicated to overcoming political, social, and economic injustices. Since 1937, the NLG has been in the forefront of the struggle in this nation to make human rights more dominant in our legal system than property interests. We are the nation’s first racially integrated bar association as well as was the only bar association to defend those accused of violating the nation’s anti-Communist laws in the ‘40’s and ‘50’s. NLG was also the first bar association to condemn the U.S. war in Vietnam and Iraq. The Los Angeles Chapter of the Guild consists of attorneys, law students, legal workers and jail house lawyers, united in an organization which “shall function as an effective political and social force in the service of people, to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests.”

Duties of Executive Director: The Executive Director reports at monthly meetings to an Executive Board, which is elected by the general membership. The Executive Director is responsible for the over-all operation, administration and supervision of programmatic work of the Chapter. The Executive Director supervises the chapter’s programmatic work, including periodic Continuing Legal Education seminars, public forums, “know your rights” training for political groups, and the work of law school NLG chapters. The Executive Director also oversees and implements the Legal Observer Program, which assists progressive political movements in securing permits to protest in the streets of Los Angeles and provides Legal Observers who then attend the protests to document any police interference with the constitutional rights of the protesters. The Executive Director is also responsible for fund raising and administration of the chapter.

Qualifications: Five years of legal work and/or community organizing on behalf of organizations seeking progressive/social/political/legal change. Good computer, technology and new media skills; responsible for initiating proactive media campaigns concerning the chapter’s current campaigns and/or mission of the Guild. Good managerial skills, public speaking and writing skills. Bilingual in Spanish a plus, but not required. And most of all, an abiding commitment to the progressive, often radical, goals of the National Lawyers Guild.

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