The LA Second Circuit Court of Appeal (Shreveport) has a summer intern program for law school students (1st and 2nd year students may apply).

Message from Judge Harmon Drew, Jr.:

• The LA Second Circuit Court of Appeal (430 Fannin St., Shreveport 71101) has a summer intern program for law school students (One Ls or Two Ls).

• Some of our judges take part in this program, and some don’t. “The Drew Suite” loves the program, and we have met some wonderful law students through the years. We are “intern-friendly.”

• The court pays $10 per hour and the work schedule is pretty much up to the student, though the usual court hours are 8:30 am – 4:45 pm. The intern would keep up with his/her own hours.

• Each participating judge can hire an intern from (roughly) mid-May through (roughly) mid-August – from whenever the student finishes exams in May until reporting back to school in August.

• Here are the jovial but slow-learning folks in “The Drew Suite” – in order of seniority and probably IQ as well: 1. Jean Talley Drew (30 years as an appellate research attorney); 2. David Tullis (18 years as an appellate research attorney); 3. Brenda Baker (10 years as a judicial assistant and 24 years of previous secretarial experience in an excellent law office); and 4. Harmon Drew (16 years as an appeals judge).

[Before anyone empanels a grand jury, Jean (my spouse) was “grand-mothered” in as a court employee before I ever got here, so we are able to lawfully work together. She usually shows me where to sign.]

• In recent years, we have utilized one intern from mid-May until around July Fourth weekend; then the other intern from early July through mid-August, so a possible total of 12-13 weeks. As of now, we have hired no one for this summer, and we would consider hiring one student for the whole summer.

• Anyone interested should contact my ace junior law clerk and excellent attorney: David P. Tullis (Phone: 318.227.3722 and He is brilliant and absolutely the nicest man in the world. David will directly supervise the intern(s). Usually he has our folks reading through an appellate record and preparing “Pre-Args” that set out the issues clearly for the judges on my panel. Sometimes I need something researched on a court case on which I am toiling. It is vitally important that our interns remind me to place at least one verb in each sentence – - otherwise, it is an easy gig.

• Occasionally each summer, depending upon the office work load and the intern’s level of interest in a side project, Jean and I separately make available the opportunity for an intern to work (for us) after hours or on a weekend to harvest new criminal legislation or court cases and/or editing/improving the next edition of the True Blue Drew Book,* which is a handbook we redo completely each year (n/l/than 01 August) for people working in the criminal justice system (mainly cops, but also some prosecutors, defense attorneys, state judges, and one brilliant law professor). We usually pay $20 per hour for this separate work, IF we make this available, and only IF the student wants to work extra. Again, the “True Blue Drew Book” work is private work, not to be done during regular work hours. It is just an option.

• This gig is probably not practical unless the student can stay with relatives in the Shreveport-Bossier area.

• Our suite is pretty laid-back and informal – - no dress code, for instance. We usually have some grins (at least to the extent reading lengthy transcripts can be fun).


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