The Office of the Independent Police Monitor in New Orleans seeks interns for the fall and/or spring semester.


2015 Fall internship and/or 2016 Spring Legal Internship

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Description The internship is designed to provide students with experience in legal research and writing and also with practical skills such as case assessment, analysis, interviewing and community organization.

The primary duties of law school interns are to conduct research, analyze data, and prepare reports on policy issues related to police oversight and misconduct, as well as preventing and detecting fraud and abuse. Interns will conduct legal research and writing under the direction of the IPM. They will also conduct complaint intake after appropriate training. Interns will review completed investigations of complaints of misconduct against NOPD police to determine whether the investigations performed by the NOPD Public Integrity Bureau comply with substantive and procedural due process standards.

They may assist with community outreach events designed to disseminate information about the agency and its function and with drafting outreach literature.

All applicants must be first year, second year, or third year law students. All applicants should have excellent analytical skills. Criminal justice experience is a plus.


Application Instructions: please e-mail all applications and we will follow up with you by phone

Until 8/7/15

Simone Levine
Phone: 504 681 3232
Fax: (504) 681 3230
525 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70130


After 8/7/15

Jordan Shannon

Phone: 504 681 3203
Fax: (504) 681 3230
525 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans, LA 70130


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