The New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice Legal Department is now accepting applications for our 2016 Ella Baker Summer Internship Program in partnership with the Bertha Justice Institute at the Center for Constitutional Rights.  Applications are due Oct. 23 for 2Ls and Dec. 18th for 1Ls.  Application instructions for all positions can be found here.

The Ella Baker Summer Internship Program is a transformational experience for talented and committed law students interested in movement lawyering.  In a unique 10 week curriculum that weaves both theory and practice, interns get first hand experience working alongside social movements, community organizations, and impacted individuals.  The NOWCRJ legal department provides strategic legal advice and representation to three grassroots groups and their members: the Congress of Day Laborers, Stand With Dignity, and the National Guestworker Alliance. Through our program, interns gain practical litigation experience and sharpen their theoretical understanding of the relationship between social change, organizing and the law.


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