The Promise of Justice Initiative is seeking a Staff Attorney to work with their Prison Conditions Project team. Conditions of confinement in the Louisiana prison system violate the constitutional rights of many prisoners. Due to overcrowding, limited funding, and a narrow focus on retribution, prisoners in Louisiana endure unnecessarily harsh conditions in their daily lives. The Prison Conditions Project provides legal representation to their clients who endeavor to hold the state accountable for their unconstitutional conditions of confinement. Their litigation projects include extreme heat conditions, medical negligence, and execution protocol litigation. Through these cases, together with PJI’s other projects, they aim to infuse Louisiana’s prison system with reason, necessary reform, and a respect for human dignity.

The Staff Attorney position will include a good deal of client interaction, and very hands-on experience (depositions, hearings, etc.) early in your tenure. The Staff Attorney will also have opportunities to work on media materials as well as to engage in policy advocacy.

Where there is interest, the Staff Attorney may be able to work on some criminal cases as well.

PJI is seeking a candidate with experience in civil litigation (including conducting investigations and discovery, and experience working with experts) and, ideally, working on federal civil rights cases. An ideal applicant would have a law degree, be eligible for admission to the Louisiana Bar, and have 2-3 years of work experience. An ideal applicant will also be dedicated to client advocacy, team building, and professional development. The applicant should be a strong writer with attention to detail. Federal clerkship experience is a plus.

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