Veterans Justice Fellowship: Leave No Veteran Behind

About 25% of veterans in the New Orleans are low-income and have a range of unaddressed civil legal needs adversely impacting their lives. A recent survey of veterans found that five of their top ten overall unmet needs had a legal solution in the areas of housing law, consumer issues, discharge upgrades, child support, and removal of legal barriers to employment. To address the civil justice gap confronting area veterans, we have created the  Veterans Justice Fellowship. The Fellow will serve veterans as a Southeast La. Legal Services lawyer who will be embedded in the new VA hospital and will partner with community providers such as the Bastion, a low-income housing complex opening soon for veterans. Our Fellow will improve the health, safety, and stability of veterans by providing life changing civil legal help.

The NOBA Veterans Justice Fellowship will help us fight for veterans as they once fought for us. Won’t you support us by making a donation to help fund this Fellowship?  In virtually every branch of the military there is the Soldier’s Creed of:  “Leave No Man Behind”.  Help fund this Veterans Fellowship so we “Leave No Veteran Behind”.

To Apply for the Veterans Justice Fellowship
If you are interested in applying for the 2017 Veterans Justice Fellowship, please submit your application to Helena Henderson no later than January 5, 2017. Click here for the application.

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