Rural Summer Legal Corps Project: Bayou Country Rural Outreach Project — Public Libraries

Grantee: Southeast Louisiana Legal Services

Contact: Laura Tuggle

Number of Fellows Sought: 1

Location of Fellows: Houma, LA

Topic of Project: Bayou Country Rural Outreach Project — Public Libraries

Description of Fellow Project:

For fifty years, Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS) has helped stabilize and achieve justice for low-income people by providing award winning civil legal help, advocacy, and community education. We are the largest nonprofit civil legal aid provider in Louisiana with six offices staffed by almost 100 employees. Though our service area covers only one third of the state’s parishes, 50% of Louisiana’s low-income residents live within them, with some of the highest poverty rates in the country.

Last year, SLLS began the Bayou Country Rural Outreach Project, which involved holding clinics at local public libraries. SLLS seeks a Rural Summer Legal Corps fellow to maintain and expand the Bayou Country Rural Outreach Project. The fellow will help replicate the successful legal clinic model to provide direct legal services in partnership with rural libraries. The project requires collaboration with local librarians, the 17th Judicial District, and the Louisiana State Bar Association’s LEAP (Library Education and Awareness Program) coordinator, as well as outreach to community partners to reach the client community. The fellow will identify stakeholders for community outreach about SLLS, develop and distribute outreach materials about our new legal clinics in partnership with rural libraries and the 17th Judicial District Self-Help Desk, and attend partner meetings to establish legal clinics, and meet with supervisor about the project. They will also organize legal clinics, prepare materials for clinics, assist with clinic intake and interviewing, help the supervising attorney with follow up work on extended service cases, conduct legal research and write memos as needed, assist with Self-Help Desk on days it is open, and work with the attorney to advocate for clients. Finally, the fellow will evaluate the effectiveness of the project in partnership with libraries, the court, obtain client satisfaction surveys, and make any needed recommendations about how to improve the project.

Applicant Qualifications: N/A

The deadline is 2/11/2018.

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