Position: Full Time, Exempt
Reports to: Board of Directors
Supervises: Staff and Attorney volunteers
Location: New Orleans

Louisiana Appleseed is an award-winning, innovative, non-partisan 501(c)(3)
organization founded in 1997, and reconstituted in 2007, whose mission is to work for
systemic policy reforms that achieve justice and fairness for vulnerable populations in
Louisiana. We are a flourishing nonprofit with a diverse Board of Directors comprised
of 21 professionals, including members of the judiciary. To date, we have engaged over
200 volunteers to donate pro bono time to effect long-lasting, systemic change in our
state. Our goal is to advance social justice by increasing access to education,
opportunity and justice. We devise effective solutions to broad-based problems and
build meaningful community partnerships. Our professional volunteers, mostly
lawyers, use their unique skill sets to work closely with government agencies, and other
nonprofits to identify and solve our state’s most challenging issues. We often
collaborate with community partners to provide research, advocacy, and policyoriented
solutions to enhance their direct services.


Job Summary:
The Executive Director (ED) is responsible for the overall operations of the
organization, from administration (information technology, reporting, metrics,
facilities) to human capital (recruiting, hiring, mentoring, career progression,
departures). The ED will lead fundraising efforts and partner closely with the Board of
Directors to ensure future growth and execute the organizations strategic plan. The ED
organizes, directs, coordinates and implements projects to accomplish policy and programmatic decisions.

The application deadline is June 19, 2018.

Learn More: LOUISIANA APPLESEED Executive Director (FINAL)

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