Fellowship for Economic Justice Lawyers and Graduating Law Students!

Are you committed to economic justice and helping your community become more equitable and resilient? Do you picture serving a vibrant client base of worker cooperatives, urban farms, cohousing communities, community loan funds, micro-enterprises, solar cooperatives, community land trusts, and other changemakers building sustainable local economies? The best way to do this may be by starting a new law practice or law center! Does that sound scary? It is a little scary, but also brilliant, important, and wonderful! And, you are not alone!

The Sustainable Economies Law Center is a nonprofit law center based in Oakland, California that uses research, education, advice and advocacy to help communities create their own sustainable sources of food, housing, jobs, energy, and capital. To further our mission, we bridge the gap between changemakers that need affordable legal services and economic justice lawyers that need training to serve them. The SELC does this by supporting attorneys and graduating law students as they start their own law practices or nonprofit law centers in their own communities.

Fellowship Program

The SELC’s Fellowship provides continuing education, mentoring, coaching, and networking for attorneys starting their own law practice or nonprofit law center focused on serving clients who are building local sustainable economies. This program emphasizes substantive training on legal topics not commonly taught in law school or available through traditional CLE providers, such as cooperative formation and conversion, raising community-sourced capital, structuring democratic governance, and the unique employment law and taxation considerations that apply to cooperatives and social enterprises.

This Fellowship is unpaid. However, the SELC does reimburse travel and lodging expenses for both of its multi-day Fellows Convenings each year, on a need-basis, as its funding permits. 1st and 2nd year Fellows are given priority for expense reimbursements.

For more information and to apply, check out: www.theselc.org/legal-fellowships. Applications are Open Now for the Spring Cohort of Fellows!

Apply before February 28, 2021!

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