Buddig Hall community kitchen at Loyola University New Orleans

The community kitchen in Buddig Hall is used frequently by students and is getting some love this summer!

A basic necessity and major part of cultures around the world, food not only nourishes our bodies, it can feed our souls. In New Orleans, we certainly know this to be true. Sometimes it’s the food itself that inspires us, other times it’s the experience of cooking or in sitting down for a meal with others. A kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of the home” because it’s where people share their lives.

This summer, Buddig Hall’s beloved 12th floor kitchen, the “heart of our hall”, will receive a face-lift, giving students a livelier and more comfortable place to share the college experience. The improved space will offer students a more beautiful place to cook together, share conversation and culture, and, as corny as it may sound, make memories. Progress has already begun with the addition of larger, more functional tables. So far, comments have been very positive.

What other changes to the space can you expect? First and foremost, the entire room will be freshly painted. Floors will have a sparkling new coat of wax and walls will be jazzed up with art. We’re bringing in some new, repurposing some vintage (it’s what gives Buddig its charm!), and highlighting the best view on campus: downtown NOLA!

View of downtown New Orleans from the 12th floor of Buddig Hall

The 12th floor of Buddig Hall has outstanding views of New Orleans!

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