Chairs in Biever Hall

Desk chairs in Biever Hall are being repaired this summer.

It is now June 27 and the last of four New Student Orientation sessions will wind up tomorrow in the morning. As I type, work in Biever Hall continues with a fury! Progress is happening daily, and the completed facility will be ready for students come move-in day on August 24.

Laundry room in Biever Hall

The laundry room in Biever Hall is moving forward with a new floor and handicapped-accessible ramp.

Several Loyola students have been working away to repair desk chairs for the community. There were dozens of chairs left damaged and unuseable. Thanks to our hard-working students, these chairs will not only be good as new, but we are also saving them from the dump!

The laundry room is almost ready for new cement to complete the widened laundry platform, and a hole has been drilled through the back wall to make room for the new dryer ventilation pipes, which will help dry clothes better by making it easier for exhaust to escape the machines. Also, the grid for the new dropped ceiling is complete!

Television lounge in Biever Hall

The lounge will be converted to a new space, with room to study while your laundry is finishing.

Finally, the new television lounge is very close to completion. Parts of the new ceiling are already installed, and all that’s left is to install new flooring and paint!

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