Our beloved Buddig Hall has been home to thousands of amazing Loyola students over the years, and I am proud to say that we are moving forward with much needed renovations to the tallest building on Loyola’s campus.

The forthcoming major renovation will bring with it a new HVAC system, new mechanical/boiler room, the removal of all hurricane shutters and replacement of all windows, new paint and flooring throughout, replacement of all stationary (built-in) furniture with updated (moveable) furniture, and renovation of all lounges and common areas, including the addition of kitchens to all floor lounges! This ambitious project will

Renovation work on Buddig Hall at Loyola University New Orleans

Trees in front of Buddig Hall have been removed to make room for contractors to begin work on the South side of the building.

occur over the course of the next two summers, and the building will be open for occupancy during the 2012-2013 academic year.

To keep in touch, we’ll be posting updates here on our blog. We’ve also created a photo album on our Facebook Page that we’ll be updating regularly during the Winter Break and beyond with images of the progress. Students can also expect to receive emails regularly via their Wolfmail account.

Until Phase 1 of the major project begins in May 2012, students can expect many preparations ongoing in and around Buddig Hall. Exploratory work began during the Fall semester, mostly on the back (North) side of Buddig. Asbestos abatement projects also prepped two storage rooms for their conversion to being the building’s new mechanical/boiler rooms.

Now that we are at the Winter Break, prep work has ramped up, and this preparatory work will be much more visible to students when they return to campus in January 2012. Buddig Hall will remain 100% open during the Spring semester, and students will not be required to relocate. Student safety and security are our top priorities, and all work will be managed in partnership with Loyola’s Physical Plant and contractors every step of the way.

When students return to campus in January 2012, here is some of what they can expect:

Renovation work on Buddig Hall at Loyola University New Orleans

Equipment has been staged along North Road, which will take several parking spaces offline for Spring 2012, and may require the closure of North Road in the Spring.

Parking and Transportation
Parking spaces along North Road will be off-line for Spring, including metered spaces along the side of the Freret Street Garage. Campus vans will be relocated to other parking spaces on campus. It is likely that North Road will be closed altogether to street traffic. In this scenario, the Freret Street Garage, Mercy Lot, and West Road will all remain open. Loading and unloading of vehicles for move-in and move-out will continue to occur at the Carrollton Turnaround, near La Divina.

Modifications to the Res Quad
The sidewalk in front of Buddig Hall will be pushed back about 30 feet and a new sidewalk constructed across the Res Quad. The Buddig Hall entry and patio will remain, but foot traffic will be re-routed along the new sidewalk.


Noise is inevitable with any renovation project, and we are working closely with our contractors and Physical Plant deparment to minimize any inconveniences to residents of Buddig and Carrollton Halls. We are currently negotiating the hours during which daily work will take place, with a goal to allow for reasonable sleep hours for students and also to allow sufficient work hours for crews to complete the necessary work in a timely fashion.

Renovations of Buddig Hall at Loyola University New Orleans

Bike racks along the West side of Buddig Hall have been relocated for the Spring 2012 semester.

Safety and Security

Residence hall desk staffing will continue on its existing 24-hour schedule. Approved members of work crews will have access to the interior of the building, and will be monitored at all times when working in residential spaces. Student safety and the security of our buildings are our top priorities!

Keep Posted!

More information, updates, and photos will continue to come regularly! Make sure to keep posted via our blog. All photos will be posted to a new album on our Facebook Page, and follow us on Twitter for short, timely updates.

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