Welcome back to our dynamic campus! I hope you’ve returned from break well-rested and excited about tackling another semester.

I’d also like to take a moment to welcome you to one of my favorite times of year – Resident Assistant selection time! The application is open and available through EMPLOYOLA until January 30.

Discover the application. Develop questions. Apply if you think it’s right for you.

The Office of Residential Life offers information sessions for prospective applicants. In fact, it’s mandatory to attend an info session if you plan to apply. No need to sign up, just take a look at the list below and join us!

Monday, 1/9 – 5:00pm – Octavia Room, Danna Center
Tuesday, 1/10 – 12:30pm – Buddig Hall Mushroom
Wednesday, 1/11 – 7:00pm – Octavia Room, Danna Center
Thursday, 1/12 – 12:30pm- Octavia Room, Danna Center
Monday, 1/16 – 5:00pm – Octavia Room, Danna Center
Tuesday, 1/17 – 12:30pm – Octavia Room, Danna Center
Wednesday, 1/18 – 7:00pm – Octavia Room, Danna Center
Thursday, 1/19 – 12:30pm – Buddig Hall Mushroom

For more information, including the RA job description and more detailed application timeline, please visit our RA Selection website. Additionally, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the most current updates on the process.

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