This message was sent by Physical Plant Director Paul Fleming to the University community by email on January 10, 2012:

To:  The University Community

From:  Paul C. Fleming, Assistant Vice President for Administration

Date:  January 10, 2012

Subject:  Revised Traffic Patterns for Buddig Hall Renovations

Upcoming renovations to Buddig Hall have required some changes to be made to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and to parking on the North side of Buddig, between Buddig Hall and the Freret Parking Garage.

The main entrance to Buddig Hall will remain open, and can be accessed using the new pedestrian sidewalk at the front of the building.  The Recreation Center can be accessed through the Freret Parking Garage or through the main North Road entrances.  The sidewalk between Buddig Hall and Biever Hall will remain open.

Parking on North Road will not be permitted.  Metered parking will be relocated to a nearby accessible location.

Construction fencing will allow for one way traffic to head east to west only, from East Road to West Road.  No vehicles will be allowed to enter North Road from West Road, but traffic can continue to Freret.

Vendors making deliveries can use the new loading zones created behind the Freret Parking Garage on West Road, between North Road and Freret.

These changes are necessary to ensure the safety of the Loyola community, and to minimize the impact on students and visitors at Loyola.  We urge you to avoid construction areas when possible, and to follow the newly created temporary walkways.

As always, we appreciate your cooperation and patience during this renovation project.

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