My name is Lucy Dieckhaus and I am from Rockford, Illinois. Currently, I am living in Biever Hall, and I have come to call this building more than just a place to sleep because of the people I have met. I have built relationships with a plethora of people that have allowed me to call not only Biever Hall but Loyola University­­­— home.

During my high school experience I was involved in both my community and school. I believed this integration of community service and school involvement was possible at Loyola and, because of that, was attracted here. This year at Loyola, I decided to major in both Mass Communications and Political Science. My majors say a lot about my personality. I believe I am a very well-rounded person with a wide range of interests. So far at Loyola my interests have led me to become involved with a number of activities on campus including writing for the Maroon, RTDNA (broadcasting club), student dining advisory board, and work study employee in the Mass Communications office. I also plan on joining other clubs and groups throughout my college experience to become as involved in the Wolfpack as possible.

My ultimate goal after the conclusion of college is to become a news reporter. I have always been interested in the media and various forms of communication. This blog will give me the opportunity to share my experiences and opinions with the students here at Loyola. As a student, I believe that everyone should work hard, but personal time is important as well. In my personal time, I enjoy doing activities such as exercising, spending time with my family and boyfriend, shopping, going out to restaurants, and volunteering. Last semester a volunteering experience I was involved in was Catholic Charities: English as a Second Language Program. This program taught me to practice many Jesuit values, but also to balance my time. Balance is very important in my life, and I believe it helps me succeed. Along with time management, some of my other gifts and talents are winning over others, achiever, communicator, leader, and includer. The StrengthsQuest activity at the beginning of the year pointed out some of these areas and gave me advice on how to embrace them. With my strengths, I will deliver a fresh perspective about New Orleans because of my short time here. Because I am a resident of Biever Hall, I can be informative of the experiences residents have in this building. A resident point of view will allow me to share challenges, successes, and events happening on campus, all things I look forward to sharing with you in the coming months!

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