I’ve always been told that first impressions are everything, but that can’t be true. If it were then there’s no way Residential Life would’ve picked me to be a Resident Assistant, let alone give me my own blog.

Coming in freshman year I would’ve never seen myself leading a community here, but for some reason other people did. Maybe it was my fear of meeting new people, my constant sweating and shaking in social situations or maybe it’s just that I mumble whenever I’m nervous. Even though I’m all around awkward, Res Life put their faith in me. After spending an entire semester working as an RA, most people might actually mistake me for a normal person! I don’t shake uncontrollably around new people, I don’t sweat nearly as much and I even speak pretty clearly every once in awhile.

If Res Life could do all that for me, I figure I should return the favor and do the same for my residents. Coming to college freshman year can be pretty nerve-wracking, and maybe that’s why Res Life thought I should get to watch over two floors of freshmen. In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king, right? This philosophy seems to be working. When the semester started my residents seemed completely lost, constantly knocking on my door and calling me before they could decide which shoe to put on first. Now I live in constant fear that Res Life will notice they don’t need me anymore and kick me out onto the streets.

Even if they did, life wouldn’t be so bad. Besides being an RA I’m a journalist. I’ve spent two years working for our student newspaper, The Maroon, and have interned at Fox News and Gawker Media.

Studying journalism has given me a great excuse to take film classes. I love to shoot, write and edit video. I’m an avid movie watcher too, though my classics would include things like The Evil Dead and Ghost Busters rather than Casa Blanca.

I’m also a musician, not the kind you’ll ever see on stage, but I like to sit in my room and play Bruce Springsteen on my guitar and give tribute to Outkast at karaoke nights.

I like to think I have a taste for fine dining as well. Of course, in my mind a fried chicken liver poboy is about as fine as dining gets. I cook whenever I get the chance, focusing on things I can stockpile in my room, mostly Spam.

Don’t let my love for canned meats turn you off though, I’ve got a pretty good view of Loyola from the top of Buddig Hall and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

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