Statistically, I’m at what tends to be the lowest point of the college experience. Ever heard of the sophomore slump? That’s where I am at the moment, except—and this could be me—I haven’t experienced a slump yet, and I’m more than halfway through my sophomore year. I wish I could say that I owe my lack of slump to sheer willpower, but I can’t deny that Loyola has really helped me to find my path and stay motivated.

My major’s a bit of a mouthful: I’m a premed sophomore studying English writing. It took me a year to put together a major that incorporated my passion for writing with my passion for health science. I had a slew of extremely understanding advisors and professors who helped me and encouraged me to pursue my passions at this time in my life. Behind these advisors and professors stood my friends I’d chosen and Loyola Residential Life, which I feel like chose me. Whether it was the desk assistant singing Disney songs at the top of her lungs on a good day or my RA giving me a bag of candy when she noticed I was having a bad day, ResLife really became a positive force in my life.

I’ve lived on campus both years of my college experience. I spent my freshman year in the honors community in Buddig (emphasis on the word community because we were—it was less like living in separate rooms on a floor and more like living in one house that happened to have twenty or so rooms) and loved it. Now, I live in Carrollton with five suitemates and love it even more. Living on campus has been a great exercise and adventure in living with all kinds of people. I’m never bored—I never know what’s going to happen at all hours of the day. It’s great to know that the resident assistants are just down the hall if there are any problems. We hardly have problems, though, and I’ve become friends with both my current RA and my past RA.

Actually, I like ResLife so much that I’ve become one of those Disney-singing desk assistants. You might catch me working at the Carrollton desk or at one of the other residential halls. I also write a column for The Maroon entitled All of the Tidbits and work with University Ministry, as well as serve as co-president of Loyola Life and the Loyola University Queer-Straight Student Alliance (QSSA). In my spare time, I like to watch television. I plan on writing for one of those television shows one day, so I like to call it “research.”

I’m certainly excited to blog for all of you. Like I said before, it’s an exciting time in our lives, and I’m equally as excited that I get to spend some of that time with you.

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