Hey guys! My name is Bridget Kratz and I an Economics junior at Loyola University New Orleans. I’ve been at Loyola for two and half years and I’ve loved every second of it! There’s so much going on, not only at Loyola but in the city as well, that one of the challenges of being here has been deciding what opportunities I want to take advantage of. I’m a member of the Delta Gamma sorority, employed by the Office of Residential Life, and a king cake connoisseur, three things that have only been made possible by attending Loyola and taking in the full Loyola New Orleans experience.

Currently I live in one of the Carrollton apartments (706- the Penthouse!) and we have a nice kitchen (which we barely use), a huge fridge (stocked with Redbull and Lean Cuisines), and a cozy common area (where our TV is perpetually tuned in to reality television). I live with four other girls, including my roommate who is a foreign exchange student from Italy. The five of us sharing a bathroom and a kitchen gets hectic and messy but somehow we make it work!

It took me about a year to figure out that my current Economics major was what I wanted to pursue. While my major has always been Econ, I’ve switched back and forth between the College of Business and the College of Social Sciences. With the help of my advisor and the deans of the two colleges, I was able to make the transfer pretty easily and without losing any credits! I’m considering adding a Catholic Studies Minor. What better place to study Catholic culture and theology than a Jesuit institution?

I’ve held a few jobs over the past few years, both on and off campus. I worked as a research assistant for Professor Walter Block, a demanding and rewarding experience. The work was fast paced but I loved getting to see the processes involved in maintaining a website and publishing articles. Actually, Professor Block and I coauthored an article slated for publication in the Journal of Markets and Morality this spring. I also worked at a clothing store called Wish in the French Quarter. My paycheck never seemed to stay in my bank account, but my wardrobe was great while I was employed there!

Loyola New Orleans is the kind of place where everything aligns to make for an experience unlike any other college. Diverse campus organizations, a beautiful city, and great friends have all made my time here worthwhile, and four years just doesn’t seem like enough. Stay tuned for more exploration of life on campus and fun times around the city!

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