Today, we were mentioned in a Twitter conversation between @Afekari and @itsMeTyree about our guest policy during the Mardi Gras season. @Afekari wonders where the $100 fee goes, and so we decided to take this opportunity and give you a complete look at how we spend your registration fees.

The major cost is security. Throughout the festivities, there are hundreds of thousands of visitors in town, and not all of these guests are as well-behaved as our students. Because of this, we feel it is important to heighten our security presence. We station one Resident Assistant and one Desk Assistant at each desk 20 hours a day. For the other four hours, from 2am to 6am, we bring in LUPD officers to man the building’s front line of security to ensure the maximum level of safety for our residents. These additional measures come at a significant cost to us, and so that is the first place your registration goes to.

The other major cost is advertising. Given the multiple changes to policies and procedures during this time period, we take every step necessary to ensure that each of our residents has a solid grasp on these changes. In order to do so, we create multiple brochures, flyers to get the word out. These are expensive to print, and as much as we’d love to simply post the rules on Facebook and Twitter, we know you aren’t all going to get the message.

Finally, there are several other minor costs that we have to cover, including supplies for students and staff as they work the front desks, printing of ID cards for guests, and otherĀ unforeseenĀ costs.

So where does your $100 go? That’s where. Got another question for us? Just tweet us at @loynoreslife, we’re happy to respond!

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