Winter is upon us! As college students we all have one thing in common: the constant need to feed, especially when we’ve been yelling and jumping for beads all day. For anyone relying on a mealplan, Mardi Gras will cut off your food supply. For those with family in town, a constant supply of good food is a given, but what about us outsiders? We get separated in to two groups you’re probably familiar with: Ants and Grasshoppers.

Everyone and their grandmother is going to be out trying to sell you a $15 bowl of jambalaya down the parade route, but don’t bite. That food isn’t for you, it’s for the tourists who pour into town looking for their first taste of gulf shrimp. Trust me on this one, once Mardi Gras is over and you’ve got five more days of vacation you’ll want the extra cash to buy normally priced food.

Now begins the time when we must scurry around like squirrels and stuff our cheeks until they’re ready to burst. And just like a squirrel would, I recommend nuts. Pistachios, peanuts, pecans, walnuts, whatever you can find that’s pocket friendly and packed with protein to keep you up and moving. And while you’re at it I’d buy a giant jar of peanut butter. Everything is better with peanut butter!

A man can not live on nuts alone, so make sure you get something to make a quick, mobile meal with. All the fixings for sandwiches are essential, but if you’re not into that (yes, some people refuse to put all that is good in the world between two slices of bread) then you need things in cups. Ramen, soup-to-go, yogurt, anything that comes in a plastic cup and fits in your microwave is perfect to heat and go before you start walking to the parade route. Just don’t throw it onto the street, there are enough people around that someone is bound to pull some vigilante justice.

If you take my advice, watch out for those who don’t, the grasshopper to your worker ant. While they spend their Wolfbucks frivolously as if smoothies were water and the well will never run dry, they will return from the parade routes hungry scavengers looking for tiny donuts and Doritos. It is not your duty to feed these sad, empty beings, but since you’re too nice to ignore their growls of hunger, why not trade food for some of those beautiful beads?

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  1. Great insight! Yes, there are plenty of $15 jambalaya bowls, but with wisdom like yours, who needs them! Great job!

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