If you are a admitted student here at Loyola, this Saturday, March 17, is not just about St. Patty… It’s about you, too!!

President’s Open House is a great place to make your final decision on whether or not Loyola is the right place for you; I know it helped me to make my decision.

From the tours of campus to the meetings with the deans, President’s Open House really is the time to discover the great things about Loyola.

For me, President’s Open House was really the place that made my decision. I had toured the other schools on my list, and had already weighed the pros and cons of each. Seeing Loyola and being able to witness the dedication of so many students and faculty was definitely what made my decision to come to Loyola.

President’s Open House is a great time, so if you have the opportunity to make it, you should definitely come. Can’t wait to see all of you there!!

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