A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March, but really you’ve got no reason to be worried about March 15, unless your Julius Caesar, in that case you should watch your back (and front). But just like Caesar, it can seem like everyone is conspiring against you some days; consider each of these days your personal Ides of March. With a flurry of exams, papers, projects and everything else life can throw at you in one day you might wish Brutus and company would show up and finish you off, but you’ll probably live through them, so it’s better to try and see these days coming so you can be prepared.
Don’t do what Caesar did and listen to the Soothsayer, the warning signs of these days are always there. Professors generally tell you what’s coming and if they didn’t the syllabus did. Sometimes things do pop up in the last minute though and that’s why it’s so important to get done what you know you about early.
The hardest part of any project is taking the first step. If it’s a paper, it’s writing the intro. If it’s a test, it’s cracking open your notes. But once you’re going you can build some kind of momentum and keep it going. Just seeing progress is usually enough to inspire someone to keep going.
First thing’s first, stop thinking and start doing. Planning isn’t a bad thing, but most plans don’t stick. If your plan isn’t going to stick anyway, don’t waste too much time over thinking it. To get the best results you should embrace when things go awry and adapt instead of panicking anyway.
More often than not, you’ll hit a snag in your work. When this happens you’ll have to make a decision: right or wrong. It really doesn’t matter which as long as you’re making one. Being stuck is the worst thing that can happen when you’re trying to get something done, but you can avoid that by taking action.
Now that you know how to get work done, it might be best to get it done before hand. If Caesar had listened to the Soothsayer he could’ve taken care of the conspirators before the Ides of March and we’d still be sitting in roman sauna’s drinking wine, so learn from his mistake!
I’m sure you’ve realized that the Ides of March for you have come, but not gone. Well, they aren’t going anywhere any time soon. So start picking up these habits and stay on top of things or end up like Caesar.

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