Have any plans for this summer? How about next semester? Advising starts this week and it’s time to start doing what most college students can’t: plan ahead.
This time of the semester is the fresh beginning for college students, the first glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. If you’re planning for next semester already then this one must be almost over right? Not exactly. Midterms have barely even passed and we’ve still got a long way to go, but why look at the sometimes bleak road ahead when we can look at the destination!
Advising sneaks up on us every semester, but it’s an extra couple hours of work I always welcome. Seeing what Loyola has to offer next semester and looking into what I’ll be learning is a great feeling; it’s the rush of academia without any of the actual work.
The best part about attending a liberal arts university like Loyola is that we get to take classes in subjects we’d never get from our majors or minors. For instance I’m planning on taking a women’s studies philosophy class as a mass communications major. Who says gender studies and journalism don’t mix?
You can’t just take whatever you want though. I don’t know about you, but four years of college loans is enough for me so I’m sticking to a fairly strict plan. I meet up with two advisors every semester to plan out my major, minor and to stick with the Honors program. Luckily, the courses available change every semester so if I don’t see anything I’m interested in from the English department I can wait a few months and give it another shot. As long as I’m on track and every class plays some role in me graduating I sleep easy at night.
You’ll probably want to talk to your friends to see what classes they’re taking too. The future looks a lot brighter when you know you’ve already got a dedicated study buddy.
So make sure to set up an appointment with your advisor; NOW. Setting up a meeting with your advisor could be the most important thing you do every semester. When it comes down to it we’re all here to study and earn a degree and no matter what you do along the way the first step is to register for classes.

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