Jesus died



demonstrating his unconditional love

An action so plain and simple, so clear and defined, but so extraordinary at the same time

Death – most of mankind fears even the thought; although, it is one of the few things that all mankind shares. Yet Jesus embraced his death; he saw the magnificence in it. Jesus knew God’s will, and fulfilled it.

He had a reason, a hope, and a gift.

Free salvation offered to all of mankind.

This is such a powerful thought to process.

But good? “Good” is a subjective term. Good could never fully encompass the meaning of this day.

However, could Easter Friday, Holy Friday, Great Friday, Long Friday, or fill in the___ Friday fully encompass the meaning of the gift Jesus freely gave on this day?

I would say no, for Jesus’s actions taught humankind true sacrifice, love, and forgiveness. His actions allowed for these truths to transcend through time. Our human understanding could never fully grasp his thoughts, motives, or love, but just a glimmer could be enough on Earth.

This day calls for the Jesuit values of reverence, gratitude, and the call to excellence for Christ.

Mass is offered at Ignatius Chapel on April 6th at 7:30 p.m.

Not Catholic? A service is offered at St. Charles Presbyterian at 12 p.m. in the Sanctuary. Their website elaborates on the meaning of the day by saying, ” Not even death can overshadow the love of God.”

Reflection does not have to stop after the service ends.

Remember Jesus died for you. He loves you. Allow the day of his death to be a reminder; to always remember him, celebrate him, and cherish him.

Even on the lowest of days, Jesus is there, and reminds us that beauty can be found in all things.

Especially since many of us are  with our families during this Easter Break, how are you remembering Jesus’s death for us?


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