If you’re like a lot of students I know, you’re probably starting to think about what you’re going to do this summer. With all the work you’re doing right now, the idea of doing nothing is probably pretty appealing, right? But so many of us have had that summer where we do nothing. The first week is great. The second week is even better. By the third week, we’re wishing we had something to do.

Doing something during your summer other than sitting at home and watching Netflix pays off: you’re not bored and you can do something for your resume. (Remember your resume? Sitting on your desktop? Or maybe existing somewhere more imaginary? Now would be a great time to help that out.) What’s great about the summer is that there are a lot of opportunities available for such a short amount of time. If you start looking now, you’ll probably be able to find something you’ll like.

If you’re going to be staying in New Orleans for the summer, keeping your eyes and ears open will serve you well. Even mentioning that you’re looking for a job or an internship in passing may find you some great opportunities (I find that those huge walls of flyers that Loyola has all over campus has lots of great job offers). If you’re going home, you can ask your friends at home to look around for jobs for you. You may already know some great places to look yourself!

I personally will forever sing Employola‘s praises. With a simple login (your Loyno email username and student ID number), you can access international employers who are looking for Loyola students. By submitting your resume to the site, you can potentially apply for several jobs at once. I’ve applied for two jobs already this summer and already have been hired! You can also look for internships and volunteer opportunities as well as jobs that may last longer than the summer. Check that site out.

If you want to do service over the summer, I’ve found that Google works in addition to Employola. You can quickly narrow your search down to a location and a type of service. There are plenty of service opportunities out there this summer. The trick to all of these things is being assertive. Don’t expect something to come along. Go out and search! Also, comment below if you have any other tips for finding summer opportunities–I’d love if you shared.

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