Loyola, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee for the brick and stone, flowers and trees

The beautiful grounds which bring pleasure to me.

I love Loyola week, where we all show our pride

With Wolfpack tattoos and chalking outside.

I love SGA, working tirelessly for us

To improve our campus and gain our trust.

This school draws all kinds, diverse and exciting,

Conversations around campus are always delighting.

I love my secret places I’ve found all around,

Hidden lounges, bell towers, even underground.

I love all the staff members, friendly and kind,

They’ve gotten me out of many a bind.

I love all my friends here, quirky and cool,

Although we’re all crazy, we don’t act the fool.

I love my Professors because they push me to excel

That they want me to succeed, its not hard to tell.

I love being “Awakened” twice a year,

The Awakening community is one I hold dear.

I love DG for hope, for strength, for life,

They’ve gotten me through so much, even in strife.

I love thee, Loyola, you’re the place for me;

Helping create men and women for others: AMDG.

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