When I started my college search down the yellow brick road, I said I didn’t care about size or anything like that, but when I actually started touring schools, I noticed that it did matter. When I sat down and started comparing schools, I realized that Loyola was the only place that I really felt welcomed, where people were friendly and passionate, and that was something that I loved.

For me, Loyola is all about the community. I came from a semi-small high school where all my teachers knew me and everything about my family. Because of this experience, I couldn’t see myself acclimating to a big school where I would be in classes with 300 other students. I didn’t want to give up the sense of family and community, and at Loyola, I didn’t have to sacrifice that.

I love that when I walk across campus I run into professors and administrators, who always want to stop to talk, and they are sincere in wanting to know how your life is going. You form a great relationship with the people who are educating you, which fosters a great learning environment. You can tell that your professors are dedicated to educating their students and they really care about us. The professors show great dedication and commitment to not only their students, but also to the material they teach. All of the professors I have had have been passionate about their classes and really wanted to share their knowledge with their students.

Loyola helps people to grow in their field, and I have experienced this in the School of Mass Communication in just the one year I have been at Loyola. Mass Communications is the largest major on campus, but the director of the School of Mass Communication knows my name and will not hesitate to stop and ask me how my day is going. I have even gotten the opportunity to have front page articles in our newspaper, The Maroon, despite being just as a freshman.

Loyola, for me, means a second family and a home away from home. As cliché as it sounds, for me it really is true, and I realize more and more everyday how lucky I am to be here. I have definitely found my place at Loyola, and I cannot wait to see what the next three years hold for me. When I click my ‘maroon’ slippers, I find that I am already at the university I love.

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