Finals week is probably the most stressful week for everyone. There are a lot of tears and the anxiety in the air is almost tangible.

The way I try to look at finals is that I have done the work all semester so I should be familiar with the material. Studying for the final should be nothing more than just a refresher on the things I have already learned. ¬†I find that if I have that mind set when I sit down to study I actually start to feel positive about the final. I think “this isn’t so bad, I can do this.” As long as you are putting forth the effort, finals should not be a problem.

Now, for those classes where you have no clue what is going on, those are little more tricky to tackle. You just have to go into studying with a positive attitude and the thought that you can conquer anything you put your mind to. You might even find yourself saying, “I get this. I am going to rock this final.’

I really believe the key to be successful during finals is the way you approach the situation. If you come in saying you are going to fail, then when you were studying you weren’t focusing on learning the material, you were worried about failing. If you go in saying I know this and I understand, you will be able to concentrate because you are feeling positive, and you will most likely rock your finals.

Also, make sure you are getting enough sleep during finals week. You should not be staying up until 4 am or even pulling all-nighters to study the material. When you don’t sleep, you aren’t able to focus and chances are you aren’t retaining any of the material. You also don’t want to over-sleep and miss your final, or worse fall asleep in the middle.

Your mental and physical health play an important role in your performance, so take care of yourself and think positive, and you will ace all of your finals.

Do you have a particular study habit that you find helps you to retain information and be positive?

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