I’m writing this blog post from a cozy little nest my friends have built in the library for finals week. I say they built it and not we built it because for the first time in my three years at Loyola, finals week is actually pretty manageable.

I’ve had papers or final projects due in every class and exams coming up, but thankfully they’ve been spread out almost perfectly so that I can write, study and most impressively; sleep.
This merciful finals schedule is no miracle, I actually helped map it out to keep myself sane.
Most professors have no desire to make you pull all-nighters so that you can scrape by using information you barely remember to write a paper on a topic you’ll despise for the rest of your life for what it did to you. Instead, they probably want you to learn something from your final assignment and maybe even get enough sleep to dream about it. As crazy as it seems while watching people suffer through finals, some students might actually want that too.
You can pull off this unlikely phenomenon, but you’ve got to start working for it at the beginning of the semester. I’m not talking about sucking up to your professor or brown nosing your way to an A, I mean actually communicating with them all year.
Every professor is required to have office hours, meaning they’re practically forced to talk to you and help you if you ask them for it, so why not take advantage of it? Show your professors that you care and that you’re putting the time they want you to into their classes and they might be willing to give you a little more time when you need it.
At the same time, you might even do better in class. Getting some personal advice and guidance for tests and projects can only help and make your life easier. Loyola is a fairly small school, giving students the opportunity to meet with their teachers personally and be an actual person in their eyes, not just a number. Nobody wants to help a number. For writing types like myself they’ve been the bane of our academic existence since elementary school. I’d personally throw any number that came to me for help off the nearest bridge to put it out of its misery, but for a fellow human? I could cut them some slack. I’m sure your professors would do the same.

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