A hidden Italian treasure: Il Posto Café is tucked away on Dryades St among a residential community. I grew up in an Italian community, and I am well trained to know the difference between authentic Italian cuisine and poorly made substitutes.

At Il Posto, many options make up the menu. Everything from bagels and yogurt to pressed panini’s and grilled cheese sandwiches.  The choice was difficult to make, but my first selection was a Milano, one of the pressed panini’s.  The Milano is comprised of sopressata, fontina tomatoes & Balsamic dressing on ciabatta. This Balsamic dressing had an emphasis on distinctive flavors and quality which put the panini over the top in my opinion. Also, I ordered a bowl of tomato basil soup.

An added bonus to this restaurant was that the chef did a wonderful job modifying the sandwich to fit my vegetarian lifestyle. New Orleans is not a city filled with vegetarians, so their willingness to modify menu options shows great customer service and an inviting atmosphere.

This meal rocked all of my senses. From the aromas in the tomato basil soup to the crisp snap of the salad, my meal ended with an empty plate but a full stomach. Oftentimes after meals, I find myself scavenging for snacks, but my stomach remained full for the entire night. After reflecting upon this meal, I was felt satisfied. I wish that after all meals I could focus on other things….

Il Posto had a flaw it would be the slow turnover time with meals, but it is worth the wait.

Next time your group of friends wants to try something new consider “the place” which literally means Il Posto in Italian.

The hours of Il Posto are:  Tuesday-Friday 7AM-9PM, Saturday 8AM-9PM and Sunday 8AM-3PM.


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