Thanksgiving prompts reflection on what we are most thankful for, and everyone says how grateful they are for their family and friends. When I got the email about writing this post, I started thinking about my list of things.

Obviously family and friends were at the top of mine too, especially my friends who have helped me through a lot of stuff and because they are awesome at keeping me sane. However, I started thinking about the things I have in my life that others don’t.

I am extremely grateful for my education, not everyone gets the opportunity to go to college and yet here I am at one of the best universities in the country. Not only am I attending college, but my university is affording me with so many incredible opportunities, like I just got to attending the Associate Collegiate Press National College Media Convention at the beginning of this month and I have the chance to write for The Maroon, which is an award-winning paper. Loyola has been an incredible blessing in my life that I definitely take for granted, especially when I say things like “I don’t feel like going to class today.” Some people don’t have the opportunity to go to class and I do, so I am learning to embrace it and be thankful.

I also take for granted my jobs, when 7.9 percent of this nation is out of work. I should be thankful that I have the opportunity to make money and work in place where my working conditions are not hard at all.

As silly as this might sound, I am extremely grateful for my iPhone. It’s another one of those things I take for granted everyday and I get upset when it won’t work properly and I have to wait for it to reset. When I think about the times I’ve complained about my phone not working I feel ashamed. I also picked my phone as an example of one of the little things. I am sitting here writing this post on my MacBook while listening to John Mayer in Spotify and drinking my grande mocha from CC’s, which makes me realize how much I take things like this for granted everyday.

I am going to challenge myself to stop complaining and start taking advantage of all that I have available to me and be grateful that I do have those things available to me.

What are you thankful for and what sorts of things do you take for advantage everyday? Will you make an effort to show your appreciate more often?

I am going to leave you with one of my favorite Paul McCartney songs that wraps up my blog post’s point, which is just to be grateful for what you do have and make sure to show your appreciation to your family and friends.

Click here to hear Gratitude by Paul McCartney


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