For all of you who read my post about finals last semester, you’ll remember that I love social media. For those of you who didn’t… let me tell you- I’m social media’s number one fan. I tweet al the time, I constantly check Facebook, I use Instagram on the regular, and Pinterest is the home page on my computer. I have an iPhone, which doesn’t help my addiction (or my sleeping habits) but what can I say? I love being over connected.

One day last week I was trying to do my homework, casually browsing Twitter, catching up on my Facebook newsfeed, and it hit me: I could use social media to get my work done! So I started tweeting. @TheMarkTwain what was your inspiration for Huck Finn? @ThomasHobbes tell me about your social contract theory! @WallStreetJournal What exactly is going on with the Euro? I changed my Facebook status: Looking for someone to explain interest rates to me! I will pay you in cookies! I instagrammed an artsy pic of my textbooks and invited people to come join me. I checked into “The Nook” on foursquare so people knew that I was in the library. I pinned some study tips onto my “productivity” board on pinterest. And then I waited for the responses to roll in. I waited for the people I tweeted at to tweet back at me with answers to my questions. I waited for friends to come study with me. I waited. I waited. I waited. No responses.

In all, it probably took me about an hour to do all the things I did through my various social media outlets. In that time, I could have read a chapter of Hobbes “Leviathan”. I could have read a few articles about the economic crisis in Europe. I could have cracked my economics textbook and learned about interest rates. Lesson learned- social media is great, but it doesn’t get your homework done for you. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Pinterest, and Instagram are a lot of fun, but they didn’t help me get my homework done. Maybe the best way to do your work is to *gasp* sit down and… just do it!

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