Christmas music has been playing at the mall since Halloween. Holiday sales have been going on since the week before Thanksgiving break. Lights have gone up, trees have been decorated, candy canes are already a staple. The Christmas season starts earlier every year, and it appears that my excitement about the big day can’t withstand this extended time period. So I’ve started marking the start of the holiday season with something different, something a little more meaningful- Christmas episodes of my favorite TV shows. When the Christmas episodes play, you know it’s time to really get into the holiday spirit, whip out the Christmas sweater, and buy those break-and-bake sugar cookies with pictures of reindeer and Santa.

While doing some research for this blog, I came across this wikipedia article which lists all the American TV shows which have Christmas episodes (if you want to check it out, click here). The length of the article and sheer volume of shows which keep the tradition of having special holiday episodes points to the popularity of the seasonal episode among television watchers. My favorites?

1. Grey’s Anatomy. Sick people’s lives are saved and there’s always two doctors who are stuck at the hospital on Christmas Eve which makes them realize that they’re in love with each other.


2. MASH. American soldiers in the Korean war look for ways to capture the Christmas spirit. Doctors fall in love.

3. Boy Meets World. In the spirit of Christmas, friends forgive each other for past wrongdoings. Teens fall in love.

You might be sensing a theme here. Christmas, as presented through these shows, is about love and reconciliation, friends and family gathering together, and making the best of what might not be the best situation. If you ask me, there’s not better way of summing up “Christmas Spirit.”

To kick off my Christmas season, I’ll be watching New Girl on December 11, Glee on December 13, and Misfits on December 16. What shows are you most excited to watch this holiday season?

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