Every New Year’s Eve, I make promises to myself. I will be healthier. I will wake up early. I will use social media less. I will, I will, I will. And then… I don’t. Knowing that I struggle with follow through in such a real way, you might think I would stop making these promises. You’d be wrong. I made more resolutions this year than any year, but they aren’t the typical New Year’s goals. I only have one semester left at Loyola and I need to live it up, not get bogged down by rules! With these remastered resolutions, TwentyThirteen will probably be the best year ever.

Resolution 1: Do not feel guilty about getting “White Trash Fries” at Datdog. They taste so good! Stop worrying about it!

Resolution 2: Sleep in. It’s great to wake up early, but you know what’s even better? SLEEPING. This is my favorite resolution.

Resolution 3: Look at my phone less. Seriously, no one is texting me anything that exciting. Twitter isn’t that great. Facebook is a little TMI. Look up! Look at the world! Smile at people in the elevator! This could be life changing.

Resolution 4: Splurge on fresh flowers for my res hall room. Did you know daisies are only about $2 a stem?! Every once in a while, I will buy a few just because they are beautiful and they make me happy.

Resolution 5: Try to refrain from rolling my eyes. It was recently pointed out to me that I do this frequently, and that it can be a little condescending. That’s not the kind of person I want to be! So…. be conscious of it and do it less.

Resolution 6: Be a “yes” girl. If someone asks me to go on an impromptu bike ride- say yes. Antiquing on Sunday afternoon? Sure thing. Exploring the Aquarium? Definitely. Do not use “I’m tired” as an excuse. Will staying and falling asleep create memories? NO. It won’t. Get out there an make some mems!

These are my resolutions, carefully designed to encourage a fun, funny, and generally unforgettable semester. Today marks the two week point after New Year’s, and I’m still going strong! What kinds of things did you resolve to do differently this year?

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