This is my second year at Loyola and I have to say I’ve never been this excited about my schedule. Now that I’m four semesters in, I am almost done with my common curriculum classes so I ┬áhave more room in my schedule for my major classes.
This might be just being a little bias, which you will realize the irony in my statement in a few seconds, but I think the School of Mass Communication has the greatest professors… Did everyone get my joke?
But in all honesty, I absolutely love every single one of the professors I have had within my major.
I have a fantastic advisor, who never fails to make fun of me for being goofy but also never fails to provide the tissues when have my mid-semester meltdown, and all the subsequent freak outs. I have professors who knew my name within the first week, if they didn’t already.
This semester I find myself to be so much more motivated because I am in small classes that I love with professors who are incredibly knowledgeable. I like that my professors are passionate about what they are teaching and they take the time to get to know there students. Their passion is contagious and it makes me excited to go to class and do the assignments they give us.
I came from a high school where everyone knew everything about every one. The teachers probably taught your aunt, your cousin, or maybe even your mom and I love that I still have kind of have that even though I’m in college. I don’t feel like I’m going to school or just going to class, I feel like I am part of a big family.
Do you  have any teachers you will always remember? What are your favorite subjects?

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