I have been plagued with the topic of choosing a favorite professor all week long.

So… I have decided not to choose.

Loyola is bursting with dynamic, engaged, enthusiastic, and unique professors, so I would be doing a disservice to myself by limiting my list down to one women or man as my favorite.

Each professor has given me a different yet equally important experience that has shaped my time at Loyola.

An important lesson I learned my freshman year is a student: teacher relationship is a two- way street. It is not a mistake that Loyola has a student to faculty ratio of 11:1, and I believe this reflects in my experiences with professors at Loyola.

At the end of this semester, I will have crossed the half way mark on the road to graduation finishing four semesters and encountering 20 different individuals as professors, so below is my list attempting to do justice to the colorful professors I have encountered at Loyola:

When I started at Loyola in fall 2011, I believed I would solely be a Mass Communication major. Little did I know, I would meet a professor that would expand my outlook and point of view. His teaching style and material pushed me to become a double major in Political Science. I will always highly recommend Dr. Wiseman to any Loyola student. Throughout my two courses with Dr. Wiseman, I have learned lessons about myself as a student, but more importantly I have learned lessons as an ethical and contributing individual to society.

As a Mass Communication student, I was enrolled in the Introduction to Mass Communication course my freshman year. This course was taught by two professors, Dr. Cal and Professor Andrews. These professors helped me realize different misconceptions about Mass Communication, and the challenge of group work.

Dr. Tuley’s course material inspired me to make a lifestyle change. For many years, I had been on the borderline between omnivore and vegetarian. Her class pushed me far over this hypothetical line. I realized my choice in the supermarket echoed into the dark kill floors of the slaughterhouses in America. I realized that I could make a difference. I use material every day from the two courses that I have taken with Dr. Tuley including a powerful quote by Jonathan Safran Foer, “Not responding is a response – we are equally responsible for what we don’t do.”  She chose thought provoking material that required critical thinking skills, and I am grateful to have taken these courses and met Dr. Tuley.

I do not know enough positive adjectives to describe Dr. Bednarz. Her courses have taught me to look past the surface, and discover Truth through an honest and ethical lens. From my experience, she will go the extra mile to help any student that walks into her classroom or office. Her compassion and intelligence is inspiring, and I believe she is a beautiful woman that has a deep appreciation for diversity and a sense of giftedness in all creation.

Professor De Gifis is an enthusiastic man that pushed me to take a creative and alternate point of view when studying World Civilizations. Dr. Dittrich is an appealing professor with a great discussion component to his philosophy courses. Dr. Zemmels is an intelligent professor that showed me the simplicity (not easiness) to the realm of digital communication.

My experience with the course Palestinians and Israelis have allowed me see different issues through an international and ethical perspective. Dr. Moazami is a cultured and kindhearted man that took time to care about me as an individual and discuss current issues, historical issues, and the importance of repetition in the writing process.

Dr. Bingham’s courses have invested my attention into creative simulation projects, and she attentively takes the time to answer questions with a complete answer. During her political science courses, I have enjoyed the kinesthetic aspect of her courses, and her genuine care for her students.

This semester my list has expanded to include the critical reasoning discussions in Dr. White’s course. The intense reporting lessons learned from Professor Giusti and Dr. Poepsel. The mind blogging course about feminist philosophy taught by Dr. Mui, and the ethical, professional, and engaging internship course taught by Dr. Duhe’.

Also, Dr. Bob Thomas has already taught me a lot about myself from the first few weeks of class this semester. From crucial lessons about the ethical treatment of the environment to lifelong lessons of the importance of continued learning and keeping an open mind will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I am very thankful for the relationships I have made at Loyola, and I plan for my list to continue to grow every semester!

After all this talk about favorite professors, I was pushed to reflect on a larger question. How does the size of Loyola impact student/ professor relationships?

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