Realistically, there’s no way you’re giving up chocolate. Sure, you can do it for 40 days and life will be just like a Cathy comic strip! But once Easter hits the Cadbury cream will flow.

For some people Lent is a time of fasting and spirituality, but for most of us it’s a time when we realize we’re doing something we shouldn’t and decide to see what life is like without it in the name of religion. It’s shameful to say it, but I’m with you “I’m giving up chocolate” folks and your dreams of hot fudge drenched decadence. But if we realize that something is wrong with our habits that we can fix then why are we only stopping for Lent?

If you’re doing something that you honestly believe needs to happen then keep it up! It might not be the most spiritual thing, but if it’s good for you or for others why let it stop with Easter?

A lot of people say the same thing about other holidays. Why are we only so generous on Christmas? Why don’t we go the extra mile to express our love when it’s not Valentine’s Day? Because Reese’s cups aren’t shaped like hearts for the other 364 days of the year! That’s why (though if they were I’m sure I’d be much more loving).

Unlike heart shaped candy, we’re always available. If we can recognize that we could improve or do something to help others regularly we should be doing it, especially if we’ve already done it for 40 days straight.

For some reason, the anniversary of Jesus’ resurrection is reason enough for people to start breaking their newly found good habits. I hate to break it you, but unless you see Jesus rise up this Easter and walk through the Res Quad, it’s up to us to take care of things down here. We should be using Lent as more than just the exception.

It can be a starting point for a better self and a better world for the rest of our lives.Don’t let your Lenten commitment be arbitrary. Embrace bettering yourself and the world around you year round.

And stock up on Reese’s Easter Eggs. They’re better than the hearts anyway.

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