The start of each semester brings new hope. New friends, new classes, and perhpas most exciting, new clubs and activities. LUCAP hands out tshirts like candy, hoping to inspire students to commit to projects. The Invisible Children table in the Danna Center is crowded with Loyola people wanting stickers to put on the back of their shiny silver MacBooks. Greek organizations start to recruit potential new members and raise awareness for their philanthropy. This period of excitement and eagerness lasts for about two weeks…and then student organizations spend the rest of the semester trying to foster as much hype as they had at the beginning of school.
No one faces this challenge quite like the honor societies on campus. Every major has their own honor society, and when you try to name them all, it ends up sounding like some sort of Greek alphabet soup. Last August I took over as President of Alpha Sigma Nu, the Jesuit Honor Society. To be honest, I didn’t know much about ASN when I signed up to be a member, and I was equally in the dark when I agreed to President. ASN, while boasting of membership 50 strong, has struggled to make a name for themselves on campus. Aside from the initial bouts of enthusiasm we saw from members, it was hard to sustain the drive. My task as President this year has been to make it impossible for our membership to forget they belong to ASN, and difficult for the general campus to ignore us. There are three steps any organization needs to follow if they want to become known on campus, and I’m going to share them with you.
1. SOCIAL MEDIA. A Facebook page, a Twitter account, an email listserve. These are essential. Get the Executive Board to promote your various outlets and watch as other members follow suit. Pretty soon, even people not directly involved will be liking, retweeting, and replying!
2. CO-PROGRAMMING. So many ideas, plans, and events overlap at our small school- take advantage of that! If you partner with bigger, more well-known organizations, you will be able to reach a wider audience and drum up support.
3. A RECOGNIZABLE LOGO. Every organization needs a logo. It should be simple, clean, and easy to recognize. Once you have a design, put it everywhere!
There are so many clubs, societieis, and organizations at Loyola, but too many of them fall between the cracks because their information just isn’t readily available. But club leaders, do not fear! There is a cure! Take some risks, get your organization’s name out there, and actively search for new members!
How do you promote your club? How do you keep members involved? What is your favorite organization to be a part of on campus?

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