Being a commuter, for me, has been a great experience. I have to admit that before I started school, I was extremely nervous that being a commuter I wouldn’t make friends and I would miss out on a huge part of college. But that was not at all the case, because I made the effort to make sure that wasn’t the case.

Things are what you make them, and you have to play the hand that life deals you … Sorry, I couldn’t resist the cliches. But in all seriousness, commuting is what you make of it. I had friends who were also commuters and they would just come to school for class and then leave. They were unhappy with their experience and wound up transferring to different schools. I, however, got involved in several things and they helped me to find my place in the university.

I think whether you live on campus or if you commute you won’t be happy until you find your niche so I strongly suggest you get involved. I got involved with the newspaper and Ambassadors and it was perfect for me. A lot of people, especially commuters, get involved in Greek Life, because it is a fantastic way to meet people and have an automatic support network. And not only did I get involved right away but I continued to get involved. I now write for the paper, write blogs for Residential Life, run the Society of Professional Journalist student chapter, work for the Donnelley Center for Nonprofit communication, and do Ambassadors. I love every organization I am a part of and they have all contributed to my college experience in amazing ways

I don’t alway enjoy having to get up an extra 30 minutes before I would if I lived on campus, but I make the best out of it. The closer you live to school obviously the less time it takes to get there, but I use that time as jam sessions for myself or to just have the 20 minutes of uninterrupted me time.

Honestly whether you live on campus or whether you live off campus, the experience is what you make of it and Loyola gives you more than enough opportunities to make it the best it can be through the commuter initiative, who provides commuters special breakfasts once a month and SGA provides PB&J sandwiches every Tuesday.

Are you thinking about living at home? What do you think about being a commuter student?

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