Every year, I go home for spring break and Easter. I take time to see my family, catch up with friends from home, and hang out with my dog. But not this year… This year, I’m going to Miami!

Us New Orleans kids are lucky- we get two week long breaks in spring semester to relax, catch up on homework, and go home. These breaks are perfect opportunities to go exploring, whether it be around New Orleans itself, or venturing out into the Louisiana country, or packing up the car and heading to the beach. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your wallet and your imagination.

The best thing I’ve learned since freshman year is to take advantage of free places to stay. A few of my friends have condostun Gulf Shores- a perfect weekend getaway! One friend lives in San Antonio, which made for a great post-Mardi GRAS trip. And now this spring break, I’m traveling with 8 other girls to Miami for a 10 day vacation mid-semester!

Its time for sun, sand, and flip flops! What are you doing for this break?



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